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Metacognition Curriculum (Lesson 1 of ?)

This year, I’m trying to formally introduce my students to various research relating to mindset, how people learn, and metacognition. Today’s lesson was the first. My goal for today was to introduce students to the scientific evidence that our brains can grow new neurons as adults, and that intellectually stimulating environments and exercise can grow our brains and make learning new things easier. I also worked in some of Dweck’s Mindset research, though in hindsight I think I should have made that a separate lesson. Here’s how today’s lesson unfolded…

Do Now: Complete this survey

(You can download a MS Word version here: MindsetSurvey2013. I stole this survey from this post by chemistry teacher Mr. Kilbane, which he stole from Bowman Dickson in this post. Thanks, guys!)


After completing the survey, we watched a short video segment called “Grow Your Brain” from the episode Changing Your Mind (jump to 13:20) in the Scientific American Frontiers series from PBS.

After the video, I asked groups to get a whiteboard and write down as a group:

  • One thing they learned
  • One thing they found surprising
  • One question they still had

Grouped reported out and I collected responses on an overhead. Here’s the results from one class:

Next, students received a packet which contained:

In a (sadly) mostly teacher-centered fashion, we read a few excerpts from the articles, pointed out the differences between the growth and fixed mindsets, and filled out the expert questionnaire.

As I said previously, I think next year I’ll cut out the Mindset research stuff (which is separate from brain research shown in the Scientific American video we watched), and turn it into a lesson of its own. Now I just need to find a short video about Dweck’s research that I can share with students for that separate lesson.

Possible Upcoming Metacognition Lessons…

Also, I need to give a shout out to John Burk, who inspired me when he started building a metacognition curriculum two years ago!

What principles/concepts/ideas/research would you include in a Metacognition Curriculum?