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Teaching Win or Teaching Fail? #1

What does good teaching look like?

If you asked me that question when I was a first-year teacher, I’d say the students would be sitting quietly and attentively. Ask me again today, and I’ll say the opposite.

I did plenty of classroom observations as a pre-service teacher, but I focused on the superficial details like student behavior and materials management. Once I began teaching, I was longing to go back and watch those same lessons again to pick up the pedagogy that had eluded me the first time.

And so, what I hope will become a series here, I present: Teaching Win or Teaching Fail?

How it works

I’ll post a clip of classroom teaching, an instructional video, or the like. In the comments section, our job is to hash out whether the clip is a teaching win or a teaching fail. I hope the wide range of opinions and perspectives will help us all become better teachers. And now, without further ado…

Teaching Win or Teaching Fail?

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Everyone is welcome to participate, it doesn’t matter what subject area or grade level you teach. Hell, it doesn’t even matter IF you teach! The more viewpoints the better!

Teaching win or teaching fail? Please support your decision with explanations and evidence! And if you wish, let us know what you teach.  Let the wild rumpus start!