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Effective Technology for STEM

Most technology professional development in my district and in my region seemed to revolve around several common themes:

  • How to use office software
  • How to use an interactive whiteboard
  • Blogs, wikis, and podcasts
  • Developing a PLN
  • Check out this cool Web 2.0 tool!!!!

ACK! There was nothing aimed directly at science and math teachers. So, two years ago, I taught a 15-hour in-service course on effective technology use for STEM teachers in my district. I framed the course around the book Technology in the Seconday Science Classroom by Randy L. Bell, Julie Gess-Newsome, and Julie Luft. You can download the book for free here at the NSTA Store.

My goal for the course was to introduce these technologies with best practices in mind (e.g., curriculum enhancement, differentiated instruction, formative assessment), and not “technology for technology’s sake.” The pedagogy should drive the technology, not the other way around.

The course explored the following topics, directly aimed at science and math teachers:

  • Technology tools for teachers
  • Using video and pictures
  • Virtual simulations
  • Probeware
  • Online inquiry
  • Online HW and assessment

I also created a website to go along with the course. It is nothing fancy. Simply a repository of the many resources I shared in the course. And now I share them here with you.


I hope you find something new!

(Note: I offered the course in 2008-2009. No doubt things have changed since then. If something doesn’t make sense, don’t hesitate to contact me.)