Day 26: What Causes Gravity?

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Noschese 180

College-Prep Physics: Even though we now have a mathematical relationship between mass and weight, we still don’t know what causes Earth’s gravitational pull. So first, we took a short survey:
Download a copy here: GRAVITY Survey 2015

Then we went through each of the four claims in survey question 4 and did a testing experiment for each claim.

CLAIM #1: Earth’s Magnetism


CLAIM #2: Earth ‘s Rotation


CLAIM #3: Air Pressure


CLAIM #4: Earth’s Mass

We also compared characteristics of different planets using a table of planetary data.

This sequence of claims and questioning is based off one found in Preconceptions in Mechanics. On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the relative strengths of the gravitational pulls that 2 masses exert on each other.


NGSS Science and Engineering Practice #6. Constructing Explanations 

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3 responses to “Day 26: What Causes Gravity?

  1. Find some amazing facts about Earth Magnetism… click here

  2. Amazing work here. Thanks for being your own special kind of awesome…!!!

  3. For a better explanation of what causes gravity just look at the equation for escape velocity Ve^2 = 2GM/r. That Ve^2 looks a lot like a field diluted C^2 and the C^2 looks a lot like the rest energy per unit mass of M. So just spread the rest mass energy out as a field and call it gravity.

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