Physics Applets & Animations


Measurement Tutorials [website]

Significant Figures Game [applet]

Masses and Springs (Hooke’s Law) [applet]

Stopwatch [applet]

Reaction Time [applet]

Sight vs. Sound Reaction Time [applet]

Print Free Graph Paper [website]


Position & Velocity Graph 3D Animator

Moving Man Interactive Motion Graphs [applet]

Tangent Line Visualizer [applet]

Position Graph / Motion Map Visualizer [applet]

Motion Graph Practice [applet]

Linear Motion Vectors: Velocity or Acceleration? [applet]

Linear Motion Vectors: Maze Game [applet]

Ball Race [movie]


Adding Multiple Vectors [applet]

Adding Multiple Vectors 2 [applet]

Boat and River 1 [applet]

Boat and River 2 [applet]

Boat and River 3 [applet]

Vector Addition [applet]

Vector Addition Practice [applet]

More Vector Applets [applet]

Vector Addition Applet [applet]

Determine the Equilibrant [applet]

Vector Bomb [game]

Dot and Cross Product (AP) [applet]

Dot Product (AP) [applet]


Forces in an Elevator [applet]

Weight Components and Inclined Planes [applet]

Inertia Games [applet]

Free Body Diagram Practice [applet]

Seat Belts Save Lives [movie]

First Law Challenge [game]

Asteroids [game]

Cuberoids [game]

Common Coefficients of Friction [website]


Center of Mass [applet]

Moment of Inertia [applet]


Dropping and Shooting [applet]

Projectile Motion [applet]

Projectiles at an Angle (quantitative) [applet]

Projectiles at an Angle 2 [applet]

Motorcycle Jump & Monkey Shoot (side/top views, vectors) [applet]

Dueling Cannons [applet]

Shoot the Cyclops [game]

Yeti Sports [game]

Destroy the Castle [game]

Slingshot Santa [game]

Bowman [game]


Circular Motion (X-Y component form) [applet]

Circular Motion: Velocity or Acceleration? [applet]

Tension in a Vertical Circle [applet]

Alien Invasion [game]

Inertia Games [applet]


Kepler’s Laws 1 [applet]

Kepler’s Laws 2 [applet]

Kepler’s Laws (What is the mass of the star?) [applet]

Extra-solar Planet 3D Atlas [applet]

Newton’s Cannon I [applet]

Newton’s Cannon II [applet]

Newton’s Cannon III [applet]

Orbit Simulator I [applet]

Orbit Simulator II [applet]

Binary Orbit Simulator [applet]

Escape Velocity Cannon [applet]

Gravity [game]

Spaced Penguin [game]


Potential Energy Curve Visualizer (AP C) [applet]

Energy Bar Chart Interactive [applet]

Masses and Springs (PEs) [applet]

Horsepower of an Engine [animation and info]

Energy Song [mp3]

Honda Cog Commercial [movie]

Interactive Rollercoaster 1 [applet]

Interactive Rollercoaster 2 [applet]

Design A Rollercoaster [website]

Rollercoaster Game Simulation [applet]

Trebuchet Simulator [applet]


Elastic and Inelastic Collisions [applet]

Inertia Games [applet]

1-D Collisions w/ CM Frame [applet]

2-D Collisions [applet]

2-D Collisions w/ CM Frame [applet]


Masses and Springs (Spring Bobs) [applet]

SHM: Velocity or Acceleration? [applet]


Electric Force Applet

Electrostatic Force Model

Balloons and Static Electricity [applet]

Electroscope [applet]

Charges and Fields [applet]

Electric Field of Dreams [applet]

Electric Field Mapping [applet]

Electric Field Vectors and Lines [applet]

Electric Field Lines (tres cool) [applet]

Electric Field Lines [applet]

Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment [applet]

The E-field Game [applet]

Electric Field Hockey [applet]

John Travoltage [applet]


Circuit Construction Kit [Java 1.4]

Current Animation [applet]

Simple Circuit, Resistance, Energy [Flash]

Plinko Movie

Voltmeter/Ammeter [applet]


Magnet Man Experiments and Explanations [website]

Bar Magnet B-Field [applet]

Wire B-Field [applet]

TV Screen Electron Beam [applet]

Interactive Electromagnetic Induction [applet]

Electric Generator [applet]

Electric Motor [applet]

B Force on Moving Charge [applet]

Vector Addition Applet [applet]

SpaceWeather Center [website]


Japenese Wave Pool

Virtual Ripple Tank [applet]

Longitudinal Waves 1 [applet]

Longitudinal Waves 2 [animation]

Transverse Waves [applet]

Interactive Transverse Waves [applet]

Speed Frequency Wavelength [flash]

In-Phase / Out-of-Phase [animation]

Constructive Interference [applet]

Destructive Interference [applet]

Wave Superposition [applet]

Interference of 2 Point Sources [applet]

Tuning Fork Nodes/Antinodes [animation]

Standing Waves on a Rope [applet]

Standing Waves on a Rope (Harmonics) [applet]

Standing Waves 1 (longitude & transverse) [animation]

Standing Waves 2 (via reflection) [applet]

Standing Waves 3 (via opposite trains) [applet]

Standing Waves 4 [animation]

Plane Wave Front Reflection [animation]

Changing Mediums [applet]

Wave Front Refraction [applet]

Wave Train Refraction [applet]

Diffraction Thru Opening [flash]


Wine Glass Breaking [videos]

Beats 1 [applet]

Beats 2 [applet]

Harmonics Mixer with Audio [applet]

Longitudinal Harmonics [applet]

Transverse Harmonics [applet]

Doppler Shift 1 [applet]

Doppler Shift 2 [applet]

Doppler Shift 3 [applet]

Doppler Shift 4 [Shockwave]

Doppler Shift 4 [Shockwave]

Radar Guns [Shockwave]


Color Perception [Flash]

Electromagnetic Wave 1 [animation]

Electromagnetic Wave 2 [applet]

Oscillating Charge 1 [applet]

Oscillating Charge 2 [Shockwave]

Specular Diffuse Reflection [applet]

Snell’s Law [applet]

Refraction and Total Internal Reflection [Shockwave]

Critical Angle 1 [applet]

Critcal Angle 2 [applet]

Extrasolar Planets (Light Doppler) [applet]

Red Shift / Blue Shift [applet]

Polarization [applet]

Refraction / Dispersion [applet]

Young’s Double Slit Interactive [applet]

Young’s Double Slit 1 [Shockwave]

Young’s Double Slit 2 [applet]

Young’s Double Slit 3 [applet]


Convex Lens Interactive Ray Diagram [Flash]


Quark Combiner [applet]

Photoelectric Effect 1 [applet]

Photoelectric Effect 2 [Shockwave]

Photons and Bohr Transitions [Shockwave]

Atoms and Spectra Interactive [Shockwave]

Absorption/Emission Spectra of Elements [applet]

Compton Effect [applet]

Rutherford Scattering Animation [website]

Michelson-Morley Experiment [applet]

Time Dilation Light Clock [applet]


SodaConstructor [game]


RIT LivePhysics Videos

Rutgers Physics Quicktime Movies

Doane Physics Quicktime Movies

Doane Biomechanics Movies

Texas A&M .AVI Movies

University of Munich Movies (German)

RPI Studio Physics Movies and Labs

Vidshell Video Clips

Coastal Carolina University Videos and Labs

Video Analysis on the Web


Explore Science (precursor to ExploreLearning)

Applet Links w/ Exercises

Northwestern Virtual Physics Lab

Univeristy of Calgary Applets and Flash Animations

The Physics Ancillary Animations

Computer Animations of Physical Processes

Explore Science Shockwave Collection

MSU Applet Collection

Virtual Labs and Simulations


Univeristy of Iowa Demonstration Index w/ Movies

Physics Photo Contest

Build a Paper Trebuchet

Whys Guy Demo Videos

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