Hello, readers of The Physics Teacher!

If you’ve come by way of Dan MacIsaac’s WebSights column in the October issue of The Physics Teacher, welcome! I began blogging this summer, writing about a variety of topics such as assessment, technology in the classroom, and inquiry-based pedagogies like modeling.

The Archives link in the menu bar above will list of all my posts so far. Don’t know where to start? Here are some of my readers’ favorite posts:

  • The $2 Interactive Whiteboard – Why your students should work collaboratively on problems using group-size whiteboards rather than watching you lecture from an electronic interactive whiteboard.
  • Kobe, Karplus, and Inquiry – How I used a video of Kobe Bryant jumping over a pool of snakes to kick start an inquiry learning cycle on projectile motion.
  • Win? Fail? Physics!: An Introduction – All about my growing collection of YouTube videos which can be used to increase student motivation and drive instruction.
  • SBG Free & Clear – Concrete examples of how I use standards-based grading in my physics classes.
  • Modeling Instruction – My page of information and resources for those seeking more information about modeling instruction. Includes a link to my video library of teachers using modeling methods in their classrooms.

While you’re here, I’d like to mention one more blog for you to check out: John Burk’s blog Quantum Progress. John is a physics teacher in Atlanta who also teaches using modeling instruction and standards-based grading. He is doing some amazing things with his 9th graders in physics and he’s blogging all about it!

Anyway, now that it is September, I plan to post more about the lesson successes and failures I’ll be experiencing during this new school year. I hope you find something useful here and that you’ll join me for more!

Thanks for stopping by!

3 responses to “Hello, readers of The Physics Teacher!

  1. Congrats! I don’t get The Physics Teacher. Any more blogs mentioned I should add to my Reader?

  2. Lofty company. But I got those already. Must have fresh meat!

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