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VPython Screencasts

This year I’ve decided to have my AP Physics C students (15) make screencasts explaining the workings of and reasonings behind their VPython programs. I got the idea from college physics professor Andy Runquist, who makes his students do similar screencasts for their Mathematica assignments. What I like about screencasting is that it gives added insight into which students understand the physics and the coding of their programs and which do not.

We’ll be using Screencast-o-matic because it is easy to use and it’s web-based (no software to download and install). Another reason is because Screencast-o-matic allows for “open submissions” — i.e., students can record and submit their screencasts directly to a designated channel without having to create an account or upload their video to YouTube. Which is great because all the screencasts will be in one place and I don’t have to worry about getting/managing links from students.

To help students with screencasting, I’ve made a tutorial video, along with examples of good and bad screencasts.

Screencast-o-matic Tutorial

Low Quality Screencast

High Quality Screencast

Happy Screencasting!