Flipped Classroom Panel – Physics Alliance of Central New York

I was recently invited by the Physics Alliance of Central New York to be part of a panel discussion about the flipped classroom. (I think my role was to present a counterpoint perspective.) Also on the panel were:

Tomas Arias, a physics professor at Cornell University who is leading an exploratory team aiming to eventually convert the Cornell introductory physics and biology courses to the flipped model.

Josh Buchman, a high school physics teacher who has implemented the flipped model in his physics classes at Fayetteville-Manlius High School.

Here are my slides:

Resources and Links from the talk:

Slide 12:  Science article about overlapping core practices in math, science, and ELA. Venn Diagram PDFs are here (scroll to bottom of page).

Slide 14: Clip from Derek Muller’s TEDxSydney talk. A longer version called “Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos,” along with links to Muller’s research, can be found here.

Slide 15: Stanford news article “Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video, Stanford researchers say”

Slides 17-28: More info about Modeling Instruction.

Slides 38-40: Peter Bohacek’s Direct Measurement videos.

Slide 43: Dan Burns’s The Physics of Roadrunner videos. See also Dan’s Science on the Simpsons videos.

Slide 50: See Slide 14 above.

Slide 51: Ramsey Musallam’s Explore-Flip-Apply Learning Cycle. Also, this blog post by Mr. Schwen about shifting from a “traditional” flipped classroom to an “experience first” flipped classroom.

Slide 52: Carpe Diem High School in Arizona, where almost all instruction is delivered via computer. You can watch one of their promotional videos here.


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