My Google Reader Alternatives

Google Reader will be ending on July 1st. After searching through several apps and services, I’ve finally settled on a few alternatives I like.

First, I imported my Google Reader feeds to Feedly. This can be done in just one-click if you allow Feedly access to your Google Reader account.

However, I hardly ever read posts in Feedly because:

    • I can’t star/favorite posts. (However, I can “bookmark for later.”)
    • I was having issues with the Feedly Android and iOS apps: My feeds wouldn’t sync. The posts I had read would reappear as unread. The apps also lack the option to star/favorite posts.
    • The Feedly Android and iOS apps do not allow for offline reading.
    • Feedly apps don’t show videos (not even thumbnails) that are embedded in posts. Feedly has corrected this problem. Thanks, @Alby!

Thankfully, there are iOS and Android apps that sync with Feedly and solve all the problems above. Here are my two favorites:

iOS: Newsify (free, no ads)

Photo Jun 29, 7 48 00 AM

Newsify also shows embedded YouTube videos:

Photo Jun 29, 7 48 39 AM

Android: gReader (free with ads, $4.99 no ads)

2013-06-29_07-43-53 (1)     2013-06-29_07-44-06 (1)

gReader also shows embedded YouTube videos:


Plus, gReader lets you easily subscribe to new blogs via the share option in the browser:


Most importantly, Newsify and gReader play well with each other and stay synced so I can easily read, star, and share posts from both my Android phone and iPad.

Be sure to move your feeds to Feedly before July 1st! Good luck!

4 responses to “My Google Reader Alternatives

  1. I moved my feeds to when Google first announced the demise of Google Reader. I’ve been moderately happy with it, but I don’t use a smartphone, so I couldn’t say how well it plays with those.

  2. One nice thing about Feedly is that it has a channel in IFTTT. I have a recipe active that automatically sends any article from Feedly that I “save for later” to my Readability account.

  3. Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a Reader alternative (I think I was still in denial), and I like the way Feedly feels.

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