Learning Analytics

MOM: Billy! Billy, I got an email today from your computer-based math class. It’s your Learning Analytics Progress Report. Please come inside, dear.

BILLY: Uh oh.

MOM: Let’s see. It says here: you pick choice C too often; you spend more time working on even numbered problems than odd ones; you watched 3 videos all the way through, and rewound portions of 5 other videos. And last, it says your answer patterns most closely match those of women over age 25 who live in Canada and prefer One Direction over Justin Beiber.

BILLY: Does it say why I’m struggling with algebra?

MOM: (shrugs)

Also: The Soaring Promise of Big Data in Math Education by Dan Meyer

One response to “Learning Analytics

  1. I love this post! It is very funny and also accurately depicts how some educators go about telling a student how they are doing in a subject area. Thank you for sharing!

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