Projectile Motion Assessment Task

You are a game designer for Rovio Entertainment, the company that makes Angry Birds.  The human resources department wants your input. They are hiring several programmers to build the physics engine for Rovio’s newest game. Here are the demo videos from the top four applicants. Which applicant(s) would you recommend for hire?

Applicant A

Applicant B

Applicant C

Applicant D

Download the original video files for analysis in Logger Pro or Tracker.

These videos were not created by me. I found them online several years ago, but I can’t remember where. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can give the creator proper credit. Thanks!

5 responses to “Projectile Motion Assessment Task

  1. I guess I would have to go with application c. No particular reason application a, b, and c all seem the same except the call of the ball and I like the color blue in application c. Also I was not able to watch application d because the video was not working.

  2. Why are you looking in the comments?

    • Girls……I’m talking to you. Get back up to the questions and work out the answers yourselves.

  3. Thank you Winifred. We will make sure to solve the questions with grit, gratitude and good humour!

  4. You are needed. Your integrity is needed. Your vitality is needed. Your dreams are needed. Your maths skills are needed.

    Enjoying retirement … Attended a garden show last Thursday that was quite something … missing you Ros (I feel I must soon learn to knit … getting tired of my gym and tonic every morning !)

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