Great News: Tuition Scholarships for Modeling Instruction Workshops

On the heels of the TEDxNYED talk I gave yesterday about modeling instruction, I have some incredible news to share. Someone has taken note of my promotion of modeling, and as a result, is now offering 35 scholarships for physics teachers to attend! Here’s the details:

NEW, AS OF APRIL 28: TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS for physics teachers nationwide who might not otherwise be able to attend a Modeling Workshop at Arizona State University.

Up to 30 (thirty) scholarships of $1,500 each to non-Arizona teachers, and up to 5 (five) scholarships of $3,000 each to non-Arizona teachers from Title 1 schools. These scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships.

Applications must be submitted by May 11, 2012. Reply to for an application form. Feel free to call her if you have any questions: 480-314-1522

Scholarship recipients must:

  • be U.S. citizens
  • expect to be assigned at least one section of high school physics in the next school year
  • apply to ASU as non-degree graduate student (May 12 deadline to avoid $50 late fee)
  • take the ASU Modeling Workshop in mechanics, physical science with math, or electricity & magnetism for credit.

All 3 workshop courses are offered June 11-29 at the ASU – Tempe campus. Low-cost housing can be arranged.


Scholarships are provided by an individual who desires to expand Modeling Instruction in physics, which will increase the competitiveness of American workers in the long run.

It would be awesome if all 35 scholarships were awarded. Please help spread the word!

Who can you forward the announcement to, ASAP?

* Your colleagues at school?
* Your district science coordinator or staff developer? (to forward to physics teachers in your district)
* Your student teacher?
* Supportive faculty at the college where you graduated? (for student teachers)
* A physics teacher listserv? A chemistry teacher listserv?
* An officer of your AAPT section? (ask them to forward to members)
* An officer of your state science teachers association? (ask to forward to members)
* Your local physics alliance? or science alliance?

9th grade physics teachers are eligible, even if your school is just starting that course. They might like to take the physical science with math Modeling Workshop, which has 9 days on force and motion, and then 6 days on intro to chem.

Make a phone call to someone who might be interested; that is the most effective action.

2 responses to “Great News: Tuition Scholarships for Modeling Instruction Workshops

  1. The details link is just sending me a 404 error. Is the problem on my end or yours?

    I’m very interested, although I’d have to persuade my administrator to let me out of the last week of school!

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