The 180 Photo Project

What: A picture-a-day for the school year.


Why: To document and share my experiences this school year — things that are too long for a tweet, but too short for a full-fledged post.

How: With my smartphone. This is wicked-easy to do. Easier than with a digital camera and computer. (Why don’t computers have a “share” option like smartphones?)

  1. Take a picture and share it to the Posterous WordPress mobile app (or email it to Posterous WordPress).
  2. Write the text of the post in the Posterous WordPress app (or email).
  3. Press “Send” and it’s published!

What if I need to edit out student faces? I share the photo to the Skitch mobile app first and color/annotate as needed. Then I share from Skitch and email the photo and text to Posterous WordPress. (For some reason, sharing from Skitch to directly to the Posterous app does not work, at least on my phone.)

Head on over to Noschese 180 to see the first 9 days!

Update 4/9/2013: Posterous will shut down on April 30, 2013. I have moved the blog over to WordPress. The only downside to WordPress is that video must be hosted on a third-party site (like YouTube or Vimeo), unlike Posterous which hosted video files for free.

6 responses to “The 180 Photo Project

  1. Wow! Yet another amazing resource from you! I really can’t thank you enough for all that you do for physics teachers around the world (I’m in Ontario, Canada). Your posts have inspired me immensely and completely revolutionized my practice. By big plan last summer was to flip my classroom and start using Khan Academy to enhance homework, but after I stumbled upon your blog (while researching Khan Academy) and then Kelly O’Shea’s excellent blog, I have ditched that idea completely and adopted your methods. SBG, modeling, whiteboarding, peer instruction… my students and I are loving it! And now you are sharing your amazing ideas on a day-by-day basis via Posterous?! This is the dream resource! My students and I thank you sir!

    By the way, I read your lucid post about your Google Spreadsheet SBG grade book and it really helped me get my head around the complexities of SBG. My old MarkBook software is woefully inadequate to handle the tons of SBG data my class is generating so I am in the process of writing custom software.

    Keep up the great work Frank! Your passion is infectious! My fellow science teachers and even my principal (former English teacher) read your blog now too!

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