Pseudoteaching Update for 3/29/2011

Sorry I’ve been a bit behind in notifying you all of updates to the pseudoteaching page. Here are the newest entries!

Added Mar 17, 2011:

Added Mar 20, 2011:

Added Mar 26, 2011:

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One response to “Pseudoteaching Update for 3/29/2011

  1. I am just finishing up my spring break and I have spent a good deal of it learning from this blog and others about the idea of PT. I identified with “The Mrs. E Show” because I think I often put on the Mr. B show. I had the chance to shadow an 8th grade student (I am an 8th grade physical science teacher) and I was amazed at how little I could get away with doing during the course of a day. With maybe one exception, it was very easy to be quite passive. This is despite experiencing classes in which my colleagues did a great job teaching and making students feel very comfortable in their classes.
    Beautiful powerpoints/SmartNotebook files, flashy demos and videos seem to be the key targets of PT bloggers. But my question is what does “T” look like? If I walked into an ideal classroom where true T was leading to real L(earning), what techniques would I see? How would the board be used? How would other technology (dare I say, video) be used? How would the teacher question and interact with the students? Would PT and T feel different in the atmosphere of the class? What would typify the planning process for a “T” class?

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