Pseudoteaching Update for 3/2/2011

Three new posts have been added to the pseudoteaching page:

Going through the motions with the best intentions
by Terence Gilheany (guest post at Quantum Progress)
Religion, ethics, and history teacher Terence Gilheany writes about how pseudoteaching can crop up in the middle of discussions in humanities classes.

Pseudoteaching with a Purpose?
by Joshua Gates (Newton’s Minions)
Depending on student readiness, a lesson can be pseudoteaching for some students but not for others.

Pseudoteaching doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum
by Ed Hitchcock (Teach Science (.net))
Ed extends the pseudoteaching concept to include pseudolearning and pseudoschooling.

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As always, we’d love for you to contribute your own examples of pseudoteaching. Just email/tweet me a link to your pseudoteaching post and I’ll add it to the series. Thanks!

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