Pseudoteaching Update for 2/27/2011

One new post has been added to the pseudoteaching page:

Pseudoteaching — Clayton’s Learning? by Chris Keipert (Chemistry Chris) Chris is a pre-service chemistry teacher from Sydney. In his post, he ponders why subjects like science are vulnerable to pseudoteaching

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One response to “Pseudoteaching Update for 2/27/2011

  1. Your blog continues to rock my teaching world. I have been reading your blog for a couple months now. I am a second year modeler in physics. My transformation from pseudoteacher to teacher is still incomplete however, it is five years in the making. There is no doubt that I am still pseudoteaching in a lot of ways but I am making strides as well. So many of the posts regarding lecture, demos, labs and examples of problems speak to my method of teaching for so long. Thank you so much for causing me to stop, reflect and think about teaching.

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