Is it too late to apologize?

I began teaching in 1998.
To all my students from my first year of teaching:

I’m sorry for…

  • using grades as a reward
  • using grades as a punishment
  • neglecting to give you timely and meaningful feedback
  • saying “You better learn it in time for the final exam” when discussing your poor test scores
  • assigning homework every night (just because)
  • collecting and grading your copied homework
  • talking at you instead of talking with you
  • talking at you instead of listening to you
  • doing activities, activities, and more activities! (with no connection to your understanding)
  • giving you notes, notes, and more notes! (with no engagement by you)
  • reading my Powerpoint slides to you
  • asking low-level questions

And yet, you didn’t riot or declare mutiny. Perhaps, over the course of 11 years of schooling, you were used to it. And for that, I am truly sorry.

Mr. Noschese

8 responses to “Is it too late to apologize?

  1. Welcome Frank! First Twitter, now you’re own blog. Soon as I get to my computer I’m subscribing. FYI, I expect followup posts regarding how you addressed every single one if those.

  2. And this is why I already know what a good teacher you are. Welcome.

  3. Frank Noschese

    @Jason: Of course! Stay tuned…
    @Dina: Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy your blog BTW.

  4. That was supposed to be ” :\
    BTW, I find your blog very helpful and thought-provoking. *subscribe*

  5. I just found you on Twitter today and am so glad! I love this very true post and can’t wait to read more!

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